Global Game Jam Cardiff 2015

Tryggve Bjellvåg (@trygggr) is organising and running the Cardiff site of Global Game Jam for us at FoundersHub on St Mary Street on the weekend of 23rd-25th January. Sign up for a weekend of no sleep where a bunch of you collaborate (in small teams) to create a game! It’s a great experience – we highly recommend it.

You can find more details on the Global Game Jam site for Cardiff.

And you can sign up on the Eventbrite page.

That’s it for 2014

Thanks to all who came out for the quiz last night, and well done for bringing down the reigning champions. :-)

And thanks again to BAFTA and Wales Interactive for prizes, and Tim for the music round.

That’s it for GamesDev South Wales this year – there will be a meetup at the end of January, but we’ve still to sort out the details, and there’s also the Global Game Jam on the weekend of the 23rd of January at FoundersHub in Cardiff. We’ll be making an Eventbrite booking site available soonish.


Welsh Government Sponsor GDC Trip

The Welsh Government is running subsidised trips to next year’s Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, similar to the trade mission they ran this year. It’s open to Welsh companies, and although you need to pay just over £1000 towards it, it’s much, much cheaper – covers your accom + travel + GDC ticket + a bunch of other things.

Closing date to apply is in January, but registering your interest soon will help them a lot!

Details are here.

Those who went last year – there’s a GDC cut-off date on the 26th November to get cheaper Early Bird tickets because you went last year, so the sooner you talk to Welsh Gov, the better.

Pass it on!